Fourth Christmas

This we be our fourth Christmas without my dad, and it still feels surreal. To not see him sitting in his recliner with his silly Santa hat on and with a beer in his hand smiling as we all open our presents brings about a feeling of sadness that can at times be overwhelming.

However, my mom believes in not grieving for what we’ve lost but remembering what we had, and that was an awesome husband and dad. Her favorite thing to do now is sit around and talk about him and some of the things he did in the past that make us smile.

One example would be the time I was at their house watching football and he “fumbled” his words (perhaps due to having a few beers). We were watching the beginning of a playoff game with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and when my mom asked from the kitchen if the game had started yet, he responded that they were just about to do the toin coss. Yep, toin coss. We got him to repeat it several times and he never noticed his mistake. You probably had to be there to get the full effect of how funny it was, but my mom and I were almost crying from laughing so hard. We then had to point out to him what he was actually saying and what he meant to say, after which he laughed as much as we did. To this day, if I say tion coss to my mom she bursts out laughing. What I wouldn’t give to hear his voice say that again…


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