Jazz Memories

My dad saw a special once on PBS about the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from New Orleans and he liked their music, so we tracked when their tour came near us and went to see them perform. We got a discount on tickets at the Pfleeger Concert Hall in New Jersey because of a “partially obstructed view.” They turned out to be great seats with only a minimal obstruction, and he was thrilled. He was so excited to hear them in person play his favorite songs and he had a great time, even though it took us almost two hours to get there and get home again.

We saw them together two more times, including once more at a college in New Jersey. The last time we saw them we couldn’t believe our luck. One of the local parks in our area holds “Concert Sundaes in the Park” every Sunday night during the summer, which include a concert and, as indicated by the name, ice cream sundaes during the concerts. I looked at the band’s website and couldn’t believe my eyes – they were performing at that local park that summer! That was the best gift I could have given my dad at that time. Not only did he get to see the band perform, but it only took him 5 minutes to get there and 5 minutes to get home again. We got there plenty early and sat our chairs in the grass right down in front, and he loved every second of it.

I now own his CDs of the band’s music, but most of the time I find it difficult to listen to their music without him next to me waving his arms about and dancing like a fool. As odd as it seems, I loved going to those concerts with him, and will always cherish the memories I have of those concerts with my jazz-dancin’ fool of a dad.


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