Four Years

Today marks the four year anniversary of my dad’s death. Instead of spending the day mourning for what I have lost, I have decided to spend the day remembering how wonderful he was, to me and everyone he knew.

When I moved out of the house and got my first apartment by myself, my dad helped me move and get everything set up. One of the strange things I accumulated in the time I lived in that apartment was an unusual mannequin, acquired from a store at the local mall that went out of business. While at my apartment one time, my dad decided to goof around with the mannequin, resulting in this funny (and typical for him) photograph:

He had such a great sense of humor, and I hope I have inherited it from him.

It’s been four years already. On one hand, it seems like only yesterday I was watching football with him and listening to him yell at the Eagles; on the other hand, it seems like forever since I’ve heard him snicker after making a really bad joke.

I’m sad that I no longer have him in my life, yet I’m glad that I had him as long as I did – and of course that I had him at all. He was a wonderful dad and a great person, and will be forever missed…and fondly remembered.


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