The Workshop

My dad had a workshop  in his basement and would spend many winter weekends down there crafting all sorts of things, from furniture to handmade pens. Many times I’d be down there with him, helping him to measure, cut, sand, stain.

This is how it appeared 2 months after his death, and before a lot of the tools were dispersed to various friends and relatives, including me.

The Workshop

Many wonderful things were crafted in that workshop, including several pieces of furniture which are currently in my own home. He enjoyed working with wood and created many unique things down in that basement, many of his own design.

No matter what tool you needed, he had it – often several of them. Whenever we went to a yard sale or flea market together he would look for more tools to add to the workshop. Once I took him to a specialty shop more than an hour from home so he could buy supplies to make wood pens, most of which I now have. I will not use them, though. I don’t want anything to happen to them because, obviously, they can not be replaced.

Now that my husband and I have our own house, the plan is to move most of the workshop to our house so my husband and I can use the tools. We already have the table saw and many of the hand and power tools. Sometime in the future I am going to try to use the smaller lathe (on the table in the center of the room in the picture) to make pens from the remaining blanks my dad still had. We’ll see how well that goes.

Even though we definitely want it, we don’t look forward to trying to move the large lathe (the very large black thing against the wall in the background of the picture) – it is cast iron and very heavy. My mom always said she couldn’t believe the basement steps didn’t collapse when he brought it into the house. Let’s hope they’re strong enough to see it leave.

And let’s also hope that I’m strong enough to see the workshop leave that house. Just looking at this picture makes my eyes water because I’ll never again get to help that wonderful man create something beautiful in that workshop.


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