My dad was never one for just standing around doing nothing. The only time he truly relaxed and sat still was while watching TV, and of course he usually fell asleep shortly into whatever program they were watching. The best part, though, was if you commented on him being asleep he would instantly wake up and insist he wasn’t sleeping. Amazing. It was especially impressive since he always snored. Loudly.

Whenever he was “stuck” talking to someone on the phone (which he hated), he would get very jittery. He just couldn’t stand around and do nothing. So, he would pick up a pen or pencil and whatever notepad or paper lay nearby and he would doodle. Sometimes it was some really funny stuff, like this:

Who knows what he was thinking when he drew that, or more importantly with whom he was on the phone (I wonder if it was me?). Regardless, it is a very silly drawing, and typical doodling for him. And actually, this one isn’t that bad considering some of the awful doodles he would create while playing Pictionary. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t easy being his partner for that game, but it was always a riotously good time. I haven’t played it since the last time we played it with him. I just can’t put my heart into it now; it would never be the same.


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