The Baseball Game

Since Spring Training has begun and spring is almost upon us, I thought it was a good time to post this wonderful memory.

I’ve never been that into baseball, and my dad wasn’t that into it either (football was his thing). But when we had a chance to attend a Reading Phillies game together with my (at that time) fiancé and his parents, we couldn’t resist. I don’t really remember much at all about the game or even being there except that it was an ungodly hot afternoon and the heat and the blistering sun was really getting to me; it was giving me a doozy of a headache. My dad, being the awesome dad that he was, gave me his hat so the sun would not be in my eyes. How truly selfless of him. That’s the kind of man he was, and why he will always be remembered fondly by everyone who knew him.

I don’t remember who exactly took this picture that day (I think it was my fiancé’s dad, who was an amateur photographer), but I will always cherish it for capturing that day – and more importantly for capturing my father and me together, which oddly seems to be a rare occurrence in my vast collection of photographs.

I have no memory of which team won that game. I do not remember the “Deck Party Buffet” at all. I couldn’t even tell you what year the game took place without looking at the ticket stub first. But I will always remember my dad selflessly offering me his hat. Thank you, Daddy, for always being such a great person – and a truly wonderful dad.


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