From the time my dad was fairly young, he wore glasses. According to what my grandmother used to tell us, my dad broke his glasses many times. And they weren’t cheap, either.

One time my dad angered his older brother, my Uncle Glenn, though I don’t remember from the story exactly what he did. Logically, my dad ran away. Quickly. As he was running, he suddenly thought that his brother wouldn’t hit him while he was wearing his glasses for fear of getting into trouble. He thought wrong. He stopped and turned around – just in time for a punch right to the face, which, of course, ended with broken glasses.

This occurred right around the same time in their lives that this picture was taken.

In this photograph, my dad is getting a piggy back ride from his brother. The other kids are neighbors for whom I do not have names. Incredibly, neither of them is the infamous Arnold Jones. Ah…Arnold Jones. That’s a story for another day.


One Response to “Glasses”

  1. The only reason the sexual abuse from my grandma‚Ä s boyfriend ended was because my grandmother finally left him when he broke her arm.

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